Do you ever wonder...

  • Why we refuse ID-cards
    .....but love our customer loyalty programs?
  • Why we are concerned about electronic patient files
    …..but share many personal details on Facebook?
  • Which taboos and desires will inform our responses to future technologies of identification and authentication?

In this multidisciplinary, comparative research project, we examine popular, policy and professional expectations about identity management in the near future.

Our research was selected as a Big Idea for the Future, by the Research Councils and the Universities of the UK, in 2011. This involves research that is expected to have ‘a profound impact on our future.’


Praise for IMPRINTS:

From the jury report of the Novay Digital Identity Award (2013):

"IMPRINTS is a unique and very-user-centric research approach on how people perceive identity systems, which will make it possible to develop better solutions, with a higher public acceptance"